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14 PRODUCT ECONOMY Product responsibility is one of the core competencies of sustainable corporate management. A multitude of laws regulate the product quality and safety responsibilities of distributors. There are also several significant and trustenhancing labels in existence. See below for relevant product economy certificates. BRC-IoP Product Economy British - Retail Consortium BRC (British Retail Consortium, London), trade association of British retail companies, defines and certifies regulations such as the BRC Global Standard for suppliers in the food industry and which, in cooperation with the Institute of Packaging (IoP), has obtained the quality seal BRC-IoP (for manufacturers of packaging materials for primary and secondary food packaging) – the standard status outside of Great Britain. ce-mark Product Economy Conformité Européenne - marc CE designation (Conformité Européenne), European prescribed Directive for products destined for the EU market. Can only be issued if all EU Directives for the corresponding product have been fulfilled, and is a precondition for the initial marketing (or commissioning) of the product. Although obligatory, not a certificate or test seal but rather an administrative mark. CMP Product Economy Certificate Management Protocol CMP (Certificate Management Protocol), protocol developed by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) in accordance with the X.509 Standard for managing digital certificates in a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). Ensures the interaction between the components of a PKI, such as the certifying body (CA) or the registration body (RA), and an application or user. DIN EN 13356 Product Economy DIN EN 13356, European standard for warning accessories for the non-professional sector (highest standard for warning protection accessories). DIN Product Economy DIN (Deutsche Institut für Normung e.V., Berlin), most important German standardisation organisation, founded 1917. The DIN Standards are developed under the management of DIN working committees. DIN EN 471 Product Economy DIN EN 471, until October 2013 authoritative European standard for safety and warning vests. The new EN ISO 20471 has been applicable since June 2013.

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