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18 PRODUCT ECOLOGY Taking ecological responsibility for one’s products beyond the legal requirements is a meaningful distinguishing feature of a sustainability-oriented corporate policy. Eco-friendly production and the use of resource-friendly, recyclable materials is the order of the day. See below for relevant product ecology certificates. Austria Bio Garantie Product Ecology ABG (Austria Bio Garantie GmbH, A-Enzersfeld), Austria’s leading organic control body. Organic products are tested from the original product through to the final processor, and certified with code number AT-BIO-301. Controls are carried out throughout Austria and in neighbouring countries. BDIH Product Ecology Bundesverband der Industrie- und Handelsunternehmen BDIH - Kontrollierte Natur-Kosmetik (label of the Bundesverband der Industrie- und Handelsunternehmen für Arzneimittel, Reformwaren, Nahrungsergänzungsmittel und kosmetische Mittel e.V., Mannheim), defines and checks uniform standards for natural cosmetics. Raw materials must originate predominantly from controlled organic growing. Certification and marketing of the English logo variant worldwide is handled by the International Organic and Natural Cosmetics Corporation. Bio Siegel Product Ecology Bio-Siegel, quality and test seal, identifies controlled products from ecological land cultivation. The term Bio is protected Europe-wide by EU law. The German Bio-Siegel was created in 2001 and must only be used in addition to the EU Bio logo. Every product with Bio-Siegel must be registered with the Bio-Siegel information body before being launched onto the market. Blauer Engel Product Ecology Blauer Engel, German environmental label, introduced in 1978, for products and services that are more environmentally friendly than comparable products and services. Manufacturers can equip their products with the label awarded to them. The environmental label does not however certify the complete ecological harmlessness of a product. bluesign Product Ecology bluesign or bluesign system, independent Swiss standard for the consistently sustainable production of textiles, oriented towards the strictest regulations and threshold values worldwide in terms of consumer and environmental protection: consumer protection, waste water, exhaust air, occupational health and safety, and resource productivity.

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