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10 CORPORATE ETHICS Social sustainable development is another cornerstone of sustainability. For entrepreneurs, this includes certified working conditions at all production sites, the promotion of social integration, the safeguarding of basic rights and cultural diversity, and the condemnation of discrimination in any form. See below for relevant ethics and social certificates. BS 8800 Corporate Ethics British Standard 8800 BS 8800 (British Standard), guidelines for the development of work and health-protection management systems. Purpose: protection of employees and third parties against risks of the corporate activities. BSCI Corporate Ethics Business Social Compliance Initiative BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative, Brussels), nonprofit association of companies with business-driven online platform for the differing European codes of conduct and monitoring systems, as basis for a common, worldwide verification system for social standards in the supplier chains. The BSCI Code of Conduct is oriented essentially towards the SA8000 standard. CE-Kennzeichnung Corporate Ethics Conformité Européenne - Kennzeichnung CE designation (Conformité Européenne), European prescribed Directive for products destined for the EU market. Can only be issued if all EU Directives for the corresponding product have been fulfilled, and is a precondition for the initial marketing (or commissioning) of the product. Although obligatory, not a certificate or test seal but rather an administrative mark. EPPA Code-Of-Conduct Corporate Ethics European Promotional Products Association EPPA Code of Conduct (European Promotional Products Association), defines the standard for implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the European promotional products industry. Aimed in particular at improving working conditions in the supply chain, the product quality and at efficient use of further CSR instruments. It is essentially based on ISO 26000 as CSR guidelines. These guidelines from 2010 do not equate to any certification. Application is voluntary. The EPPA CSR Scheme consists of three levels and builds on from the Code of Conduct. The Silver and Gold levels are Code-of-Conduct certifications. European Privacy Seal Corporate Ethics European Privacy Seal EuroPriSe (European Privacy Seal), European data protection seal, certifies data-protection-conform IT products and IT services on the basis of European data protection law.

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