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SUPPLIERS DISTRIBUTORS Preamble THE PSI: A NETWORK WITH A LOT TO OFFER! The PSI (Promotional Product Service Institute) has been serving the European promotional products industry and its market participants as a service provider and networking platform for 55 years. Its services support the daily work of more than 6,000 market participants such as manufacturers, importers, finishers, distributors and agencies. Key services include personalised consultation and product research as well as marketing, professional training, industry contacts and online product search solutions. These services enable our member companies to generate new business and grow their profits long-term. PSI Industry Barometer In order to be able to make responsible decisions, entrepreneurs must be aware of what’s going on in the market. With the Europe-wide PSI Industry Barometer, the PSI has designed its very own market research tool, a survey on the current state and trends of the industry conducted twice a year with the aim of delivering regularly updated market data and industry information. The Netherlands Special 2/2016 features the results of the Europe-wide survey with a focus on the Dutch promotional products market for the second time now. The positive expectations for the business within Europe are also visible among Dutch companies. Just under 79 % of the suppliers and 69% of the distributors expect to close the business year on an increase in turnover. The sustainability theme – prompting controversial debate in the industry – continues to be on the advance. An impressive 77 % of Dutch suppliers have undertaken steps to become certified in 2016. Here ISO, Oeko- Tex, SEDEX and BSCI certificates were taken into special consideration. Some of the motivations can be found in the comments on page 21. As a new feature, the 2/2016 edition includes a look at the share of online sales in the promotional products industry. Find an initial analysis on page 10. SUPPLIERS DISTRIBUTORS 3

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