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No, because ... © PSI 2016 SUPPLIERS DISTRIBUTORS HAVE YOU TAKEN ANY STEPS TO BECOME SUSTAINABLE? Yes, because ... © PSI 2016 ... audits and certifications are required by large companies. ... doing so enhances our market opportunities and distinguishes us clearly from the competition. ... deciding in favour of certifications was a strategic decision we made. ... it’s important to us and many of our customers. Start thinking of tomorrow today. ... if you do it, people will assume you must have at least some competency. Sustainability is a basic requirement in the automotive sector. ...everyone should do something to operate sustainably. ... we genuinely care about how we treat our resources and employees. No, because ... © PSI 2016 ... customers neither demand nor appreciate it. ... we’ve already done it. ... we import. However, it’s important to us that we work with manufacturers who can show proof of certifications and sustainable operations. ... we haven’t gotten around to it yet. But we’re planning on doing so in future. ... we don’t have sufficient resources for it. ... we haven’t become sufficiently familiar with the issue yet. ... we of course “live” sustainability, but certification is too costly and complex. No, because ... Yes, because ... © PSI 2016 ... it’s important to show customers that one has taken all necessary steps. ... the fact that our stickers are free of hazardous substances is an issue that keeps coming up. ... when competing, it’s important to be positioned sustainably. ... sustainability is part of our corporate responsibility. ... most of our customers are major international brands committed to strict social and environmental guidelines. ... we feel it’s necessary to be certified. Plus, sustainable actions boost our image and reputation in the market. ... we view sustainable operations as an essential driving force of the future. ... it’s too costly and complex for us as a mini-company – we buy finished products or finish them ourselves – so proof of sustainability is important for suppliers! ... price is the determining factor – sustainability isn’t quite as important. ... we don’t consider it to be important. ... certifications are expensive. ... it doesn’t lead to additional sales. ... our own growth forced us to put some key issues on the back burner. ... we wouldn’t even know how to approach the issue. SUPPLIERS DISTRIBUTORS © PSI 2016 Yes, because ... © PSI 2016 No, because ... © PSI 2016 Yes, because ... © PSI 2016 21

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