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Personal or Life Coaching : Download Your Free Course Now

Life Coaching or Personal Coaching always starts with the “Here and Now” and looks forward. It focuses on the dreams and aspirations of the coachee - what their goals are, what they want - and then assists them to make things happen. Personal coaching is not about healing wounds from the past (counselling), nor about transferring knowledge (teaching, instructing), nor about assisting people to find their way and become successful in a new study- or work related environment (tutoring). It is very similar to mentoring, but also different, because it is more structured and formal and aims to determine and achieve specific goals within a set period. A personal coach will however make interventions across the borders listed above. For instance: besides from focusing on changes in attitude, convictions, performance and behaviour in order to achieve future oriented goals, the coach may also focus on such areas as developing personal skills, raising self awareness, stimulating critical thinking, coping with change or enhancing communication. Like personal coaching itself, this course crosses borders and also borrows from models and techniques used for counselling and mentoring that contribute to the quality of the personal coaching process without requiring a psychological approach, making it the perfect guide to develop your own power coaching model and to help you maximize your own and your coachee's potential. Coaching starts from the assumption that you have what it takes to achieve realistic goals, but that you may be in need of learning an empowering structure which will allow you to stand on your own and realize your aspirations in life. Product Details Please check product details at Lulu site at time of purchase or download. Prices for hardcopies do not include cost of shipping All details mentioned here were valid at time of publication (2016.08.01). In case of change by the time of purchase by you, only the details and prices listed at the Lulu site are applicable.

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