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22 1/2016 Industry Barometer Voices from the industry SUPPLIERS DISTRIBUTORS “Due to the fact that margins are getting smaller we believe that in the future suppliers and distributors should work more in partnerships.” “There are distributors who still have some catching up to do when it comes to organisation, compliance and professionalism.” “We’re sticking to it – we exclusively supply promotional products distributors.” “We’re noticing sales decreases when it comes to large orders, which is the result of distributors partially handling their own imports for larger orders.” “Unfortunately, promotional products are still not being used enough as conceptual tools.” “The environment is changing, because everyone wants to offer everything. It’s getting harder and harder to find specialists.” “We look toward to 2016 with optimism and expect our company to grow even more.” “We noticed stronger competition this year – it looks like we’ll have to get used to smaller margins.” SUPPLIERS DISTRIBUTORS

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