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The PSI Business Performance Index the benchmarking tool for distributors How competitive are you? What is your company doing well? What might other companies do better? Directly comparing yourself with your competitors and getting an overview of the economic climate enables you to prevail in a competitive market. In order to make possible this comparison in the promotional products industry, the PSI in cooperation with the market research company techconsult created the PSI Business Performance Index in January 2016. This competitive analysis tool aids companies in recognising differences in their processes, performance gaps and opportunities for improvement. The PSI Business Performance Index database is currently being populated with real market data obtained in promotional products industry surveys. The comparison process, which you can use to see how you measure up, will start in early 2017. How you’ll benefit: simply by participating in the survey, you’ll already recognise your strengths and weaknesses or aspects of corporate processes that might not have gotten much attention thus far. Consider this survey a sort of “control slip” across all levels of your company and discover your own processes from a brand-new perspective. More information: PARTICIPATE NOW!

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