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18 1/2016 Industry Barometer SUPPLIERS DISTRIBUTORS TOP 6: FSC Ecovadis: Ecovadis is a sustainability certificate that provides suppliers with a common platform to assess the performance of their Corporate Social Responsibility activities and processes. Scores are awarded based on questionnaires covering the environment, working conditions and human rights, fair business practices, and sustainable procurement. AFNOR: The “Association francaise de normalization” is France’s official standardisation body. Its stated mission is to guide and coordinate the standardisation of enterprise process development. Standards have been built around values such as quality, trust, responsibility and community. NUMBER OF SUPPLIERS EXCLUSIVELY SUPPLYING PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS DISTRIBUTORS 56.5% Yes © PSI 2016 The “Forest Stewardship Council” certifies sustainable forestry, which is to be achieved through the creation of uniform forest management standards. OTHER TOP CERTIFICATES MENTIONED No 43.5% TOP 6: BSCI The “Business Social Compliance” Initiative supports companies in the global supply chain that are committed to the protection of employees’ rights and certifies members that endorse the Code of Conduct. 56.5% of French suppliers say they exclusively supply promotional products distributors. SUPPLIERS DISTRIBUTORS

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