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Alpe Adria Golf_EN

CARINTHIA FOR TABLETS AND SMARTPHONES Geschmack der Kindh it … The many apps for Austria’s southernmost province offer holidaymakers lots of information. In the “Kärnten App”, for example, you can read informative texts, view 360° photos and enjoy videos – perfect for planning and getting into the mood for your holiday. In the “Veranstaltungen in Kärnten” (“Events in Carinthia”) app you will find the best tips for places to go, whether you prefer something more classical or you’d like to get to know folk culture, or perhaps you need ideas on where to eat out. The “Kärnten Wetter App” weather app offers a reliable forecast, and also offers excursion and leisure tips for all possible weather conditions. Carinthia Carinthia Maps Carinthia weather Events Active holidaymakers will also find lots of useful information. There are separate apps for the Alpe Adria Trail, the Alpe Adria Cycle Path and the Drau Cycle Path. And with the “Kärnten Maps App” you will receive information about many more tours – whether you’re a hiker, cyclist, horserider, canoe or motorbike fan – here you will find all outdoor route recommendations with exact routes, altitudes, durations, places to take a break and excursion tips. Using criteria such as physical condition, experience or landscape, you can put together your own perfect personal tour. NEW: „KÄRNTEN SHOP“ The official Kärnten Shop is online! For all current and future friends of, and holidaymakers to, Carinthia: At you will find a comprehensive choice of high quality products and can have your favourite piece of Carinthia delivered to your door. Have fun shopping & see you soon in Carinthia!

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